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High Country Lavender


About the farm

 High Country Lavender is a little lavender farm and shop located at 3000 ft elevation in Meadows of Dan. The lavender field overlooks the pine trees that in the past were part of a Christmas Tree Farm.

Growing lavender at such altitude can present its share of winter challenges, but love perseveres, and most have been worked out. Our lavender blooms mid to late June, we harvest 1st -2nd week of July. We only harvest about 3⁄4 of the lavender in the field, leaving the rest for the bees and our visitors to enjoy.

We invite you to visit our farm for the next bloom in late June, early July 2022 where you can walk through the lavender field, have a picnic, enjoy some lavender lemonade, and visit the lavender shop where you will find a variety of handcrafted and curated lavender products.

At High Country Lavender you will be exposed to a full lavender experience, especially during the summer bloom, and every weekend from April to December, and purchase all your lavender essentials at our farm shop.

Come join me in the field, bring your lavender questions, or visit in the shop. We look forward to seeing you!

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Our Story

High Country Lavender, is a woman owned and operated lavender farm located in Meadows of Dan, Virginia.

Barbara Stringfellow, the visionary behind High Country lavender is not only a lavender farmer, she is a Nurse, Heart-centered Herbalist, Reiki Master and Energy Healer. The story of High Country Lavender begins back in 2014 when Barbara decided to devote a portion of her former Christmas Tree Farm to grow lavender.

Last Fall Sandra visited Barbara at the lavender shop, to buy some gifts and for some tea and conversation. Lavender is a recurring topic between them and so Sandra told her that if she needed help replacing some lavender plants in the field in the coming Spring, she would be happy to help. The conversation then happened to coincide with Barbara’s desire to shift her focus from lavender to healing herbs, as an Herbalist herself it sounded like a sound decision.

And the rest is history, High Country Lavender is now under Sandra Sarlinga ownership, a former lavender farmer, a forever lavender lover that will continue loving and nurturing that beautiful slice of heaven for years to come.

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Lavender Shop

Our charming lavender shop brings to you a line of products handcrafted right here on the farm, using all natural, ecologically sound ingredients and certified organic when possible.  

Clean ingredients for your personal care and your home. 

Featuring bouquets of lavender, beautiful soaps, and many other wonderful organic bath and body products - the gentle scent of lavender is waiting to calm your spirit and bring you peace. With a background in making gourmet nut butters, jams, jellies, sauces, and baked goods, we are waiting for your visit and excited for you to sample our culinary lavender treats! 

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