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Plein Air at High Country Lavender 


Are you an Art teacher or a painter and would like to bring your students for a Plein Air experience?  

Do you have a group of friends that enjoy getting together, paint and sip?  

Or do you want to grab your painting supplies and want to come by yourself? 

If so, we welcome you!  

From the end of June and July the lavender will be in full bloom for you to replicate them in your canvas! Just imagine, lavender blooming, you surrounded by their soothing natural perfume, the gentle humming of the bees… Whatever is your level of practice in drawing and painting in pastel or watercolor, you will find the time spent at the farm unforgettable and fun! Would you like to order a picnic? Email us for more details



Are you a Yoga instructor? We open our lavender fields in the summer for you to bring your students for a session in one of the most tranquil and relaxing yoga settings, our lavender fields. Email us for more details 

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