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Sundays at the farm

A stone throw from the beautiful Blue Ridge, High Country Lavender is waiting for you. Come, sit back, relax, and soak up the beauty.

You can enjoy our farm hiking the trails, having a picnic, and getting inspired with the views from the lavender shop front porch.

Sundays are unique and lots of fun. Bring your friends and family, stroll the lavender field, the herb garden, come to the lavender shop, there is plenty to taste! Lavender lemonade, peanut butter, lavender cookies, the possibilities are endless!


Picnics at High Country Lavender

Bring a picnic basket and a quilt, there is plenty of room to sit and enjoy a light meal, for the kids to run free and to soak up the moment and use this time to make memories with your family!

Can we can help you with your picnic basket, or a cheese and bread platter instead? Let us know in advance and we can have one ready for when you arrive.

What’s in your picnic basket? A Pimento Cheese platter, crudites, chips, lavender lemonade and water, plus lavender treats for dessert!

When you arrive stop by the lavender shop to pick up your picnic basket and your quilt. When you finished, just make sure to you leave everything like you found it.

Family Picnics

Book your picnic for your family let us take care of everything! When you arrive your picnic basket, will be ready for you to enjoy! Before or after your picnic take a stroll around the farm and see what else we have to offer in our Lavender Shop! To preorder, and for more detail information, Email us for more details


Picnics for Two

A Picnic for Two is the perfect way to get out of the house and enjoy some quality time alone with a friend or a loved one! To preorder, Email us for more details


Will you Merry Me?

A proposal picnic at High Country Lavender Farm

Lavender is the herb of devotion, and High Country Lavender Farm could be the perfect setting to let your loved one know you want to spend the rest of your life together. We can customize your picnic basket; we’ll even take care of the flowers! To preorder, Email us for more details

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